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In the days between 6 and 9 June, the citizens of the 27 countries of the European Union will be called to elect their representatives to the European Parliament.

This is a very important moment for the future of all of us, because Parliament is one of the pillars on which the European democratic system is based and because this institution represents the voice of all citizens of the Union, contributing to the political and legislative choices that they govern many activities in member countries.

Participating in the vote is certainly a right, but it is above all an opportunity.
The opportunity to say what you think about Europe, to say what you expect from Europe, to say what you want Europe to be (or not be) in the future.

Associazione InformaGiovani, coordinating body of a international network of youth organizations present in 14 countries, therefore organizes a competition for the creation of a video that invites citizens, above all but not esclusively young people to participate in the vote.

The winners will be awarded prizes of between 2,500 and 1,500 euros, as well as great international visibility estimated at no less than 250 thousand people in Europe.

To participate, you must send the videos, accompanied by the required documentation and according to the technical methods specified in the regulation, by 10 April 2024.

For information you can write to

Download the complete announcement and participation form