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13 Novembre 2016

Ciao!! We are Victor and Pepe, two young French and Spanish guys. We started our EVS at Palermo just a week ago. It’s been a really nice experience so far, meeting a lot of people and trying to say our first words in Italian.

Here is us: Pepe & Victor

We live together in an apartment which has everything that we could need. Further, we have a small terrace for breakfast and a clean robot.
We were surprised when we were walking around the city, it´s really nice to see the big historic center, full of nice buildings and pedestrian streets. The places that we like the most are Fontana della Vergogna, Quattro Canti, Teatro Massimo and Cattedrale di Palermo, we’re seeing it everyday because we are living so close to it.

Our weakness is the food, everything is “buonissimo”, we tasted some street food like panelle, made from gram flour, arancino, big rice balls filled with meat or cheese, which are coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried, also pizza, pasta and brioche con gelato, everything was really tasty!

Pizza, anche buonissima!

Weather is amazing compared with where I live in France, Paris, even if it’s been raining a little since we arrived. But compare with Alicante, Spain, it is more or less the same, a lot of sun and hot temperature.
All the people we met were amazing and nice with us (despite our low level of Italian).
Come, grab a “birra é un panelle” with us if you travel to Palermo!