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9 Gennaio 2018

Ciao, my name is Noëmie, I’m 25 and I’m from France. I lived in Palermo since 2 months where I’m doing an EVS. Before to come in Sicily, I did a volunteering in my region in France, I was with people from all around the world and it changed my life, in the good way of course. I showed to other volunteers my country and my culture, and it was a beautiful gift to see the stars in their eyes.

Today, it’s me who have the chance to live this experience abroad and I’m very excited to discover another culture, especially the Sicilian culture. When I arrive in a new city what I like the most is getting lost in the streets and discovering all the secret places, and in terms of secret I’m very lucky with Palermo.

I quattro canti, one of my favorite place in Palermo

Everywhere we go, everywhere there is something to see. Palermo is full of histories, different architectures and cultures, impressive buildings, and full of food. We can’t talk about Palermo without to talk about food : pizza, cannoli, arancina… Aaah arancina *heart in the eyes*, at the first bite I knew that I will miss it in France.


One of the surprise when you walk randomly in the city

An Italian native said to me that I’m gonna live in the most beautiful land of the world, so now I’m very impatient to discover all the Sicily and I hope you will follow my adventures with me:)