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20 Giugno 2019

At the end of my Erasmus+ volunteering project in the Libera Scuola Waldorf di Palermo I had the chance to do a little workshop of two weeks with the girls from the 6th class.
In that two weeks I taught them some acrobatic skills and we did juggling balls by our own.
The main goal of this workshop was to give the children the possibility to learn more about the circus world while discovering their creative skills and abilities. One of the secondary goals was to speak all the time in English with the children so that they also had the chance to improve their language skills and to learn a kind of vocabulary they would normally not learn in school. On my last day in school we presented our results in front of the parents and some teachers .
1. learning to build human pyramids.
First I explained them some important basic positions and movements they had to take care of while standing on human bodies.


Step by step we came to very nice results and built pyramids of two, three and finally five children.


2. learning to make juggling balls.
For this task we put flour in a balloon so that it was good filled.
Over this balloon we put two others where we cut the upper part before.
After that, I showed them how to juggle with two or three balls and the girls also tried to juggle with their own balls.