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30 Gennaio 2023

My name is Lucía, I am from Madrid, Spain, and this year I finished my double-bachelor on International Studies and Political Science. I’ve always believed that it is fundamental that we all take an active role in our communities in order to contribute to the fair and equal development of our society. Thus, after graduating, I decided to make one of my dreamed projects a reality: moving abroad to volunteer. This way, I initiated my adventure in the European Solidarity Corps, which gave me the opportunity to work for seven months in a sociocultural promotion center from Palermo: the Centro TAU.

My main activity at Centro TAU was developing both formal and non-formal education activities with children. Thanks to this experience, I’ve learned how important it is to support children’s empowerment and integral development in order to provide them all the same opportunities regardless of their gender, origin, etc. Also, my volunteer experience has made me even more aware about the great impact that inclusive social projects may have in the lives of people, especially for those coming from less advantageous socioeconomic backgrounds.



Volunteering in a foreign country has also given me the opportunity to travel around Sicily and discover its incredibly rich culture and history, its natural beauty, and its lively spirit. Hiking the Etna or at Riserva dello Zingaro, listening a music concert at Teatro Massimo, dancing at Vucciria, enjoying delicious Sicilian typical dishes, or swimming in the most beautiful coves I’ve ever seen, are some of the great experiences I will never forget.



But above all, the greatest gift that this volunteering experience has given to me it’s, without doubts, the amazing people I’ve meet. The best part of this experience has been to share it with people from all around the world, from whom I’ve learned so much and with whom I’ve shared unique and special moments together.

In sum, I really recommend participating in ESC volunteering projects to all the young Europeans that want to life a new and different experience but, above all, that want to be part of the change that we want to see in the world. You won’t regret!

Lucia, Spain