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31 Agosto 2017

After ten months in Palermo, it’s time to say goodbye. I lived almost one year with five amazing people, with who I shared unforgettable moments. It was the first time I leaved Paris, France for such a long time. The first time I lived in a collocation, with people coming from all around the world.

View from my accommodation

Mondello, nearest beach in Palermo

​I met a lot of people that i will never forget, and that helped me to change and grow as a human being. I shared with persons from all around Europa, all around the world.

My friends and me during Palermo Pride

​I discovered new cultures, tradition, food. I saw amazing cities and landscapes to cry for.
I had the chance to share my passion for music with the children of Palermo. I tried to give them access to culture through artistic development. Every week, I gave guitar / drum lessons, and shared as much as I can with them.

Again, my friends and me…in Marzamemi, Sicily.

The first weeks where hard, the cultural shock, the struggle with the language led me to the doubt. But time goes on, and the more I was able to speak, the more I was sharing with them.
I will miss Palermitan food. As well as the sound of the streets of Palermo, the beauty of the mountains, and the kindness of Sicilian people.

Jamming in Porto di Terra, Sicily

​And here i am, looking back at all those memories. I’m coming back to France in a few days.
This is the end of an important part of my life, a new one is about to begin.
I’m coming back to the start, but with new roads ahead of me, may it be for the best.

Bye everyone,
Bye Palermo.