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2 Agosto 2018

My adventure in Palermo finishes soon and it’s time for me to come back in France. It’s difficult for me to summarise this EVS because I lived a lot of emotions.
I have a strange link with Palermo and I took long time before to feel good in this city. I’m an introvert and Palermo is an extrovert, the big challenge was to tame with it. Now I’m doing the feedback and I realise I will miss some point of this life. And the first one is the food ! Cornetti, arancina, panini, pizza, gelati, brioche con gelato (first one in my heart), crema di pistacchio… Don’t forget food is the second religion in Italy.

I will never forget you

I was very lucky to live in this beautiful island which is Sicilia. I saw many beautiful landscapes. My favorite moments was when I took the train in the evening and see the sun to set between the mountains and the sea.


I met many beautiful and interesting people who will let memories and inspiration in my head. A part of my project was to lead workcamps, and it gives me the chance to travel a lot and share my life with all the world.



Now with this experience I think I can say I know myself better and I’m ready for a new adventure. At least EVS is an unique experience and if you love challenge yourself, just do it.